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The Catalans overwhelmingly against independence for the first time in 2011.

This is a first for more than three years, and the beginning of the independence campaign led by the president of the region, Artur Mas. The non-independence of Catalonia has exceeded Friday, December 19, the Yes for the first time in 2011 in a survey conducted every four months by the catalan Government. In the first official poll since the symbolic consultation on 9 November on the independence of the powerful region of northeast of the Spain, yes has lost five points compared to October, falling to 44.5% and seeing himself exceeded by no, which would reap 45.3% of the vote if a vote were held today. Read (subscribers): in Catalonia, symbolic victory of the Independantistesun REFERENDUM for nothing in NOVEMBRELe support for independence has risen since 2011 in this survey developed by the Centre for studies of opinion, organization that depends on the regional government led by Artur Mas, openly pro-independence, reaching its peak in October, with 49.4% for Yes and 42.5% for non. The conflict between Barcelona and Madrid has stalled since nearly 1.9 million people, 6.3 million voters, voted in favour of independence during the symbolic consultation from November. Deeming it unconstitutional, the Spanish Government objected strongly to this vote. Read the editorial of the world: in Catalonia, a "vote" for rienLe catalan pro-independence sentiment has exploded in recent years, powered by the deep economic crisis and political conflict with Madrid, aggravated in 2010 when the Constitutional Court had amended a statute of autonomy which recognised Catalonia as a ‘nation ‘. . For extended on this subject click http://.

Global 2022: except ‘earthquake’, the Qatar will host the competition according to Fifa.

"An earthquake" or nothing. According to Joseph Blatter, the all-powerful president of Fifa, the Organization of the 2022, granted December 2, 2010, at the Qatar World Cup could be withdrawn in the case of ‘new extremely important elements ‘. Suspicions of corruption put forward by ‘France Football’ and weigh on this assignment, as well as on that of the Russia 2018 World Cup, are therefore not sufficient. On the same subject of the football World Cup. Corruption: judge Garcia resigned from Fifa Fifa: the report on corruption continues to make waves world 2022: the Qatar accused of bribing Fifa African leaders: the 2022 World Cup will take place at the Qatar nor the resignation of Michael Garcia, the main independent investigator to establish the conditions for attribution. He threw the towel Wednesday, lambasting the use truncated his 400-page report released early September after two years of work.  "There are, at present, no reason to go back on our decisions, the two world cups are scheduled, the only thing missing, these are the dates for 2022. But these two world cups will be held. The decision which was taken on December 2, 2010 is maintained and will not be invalidated,"said Joseph Blatter since Marrakesh (Morocco), which occurs at the moment the Club World Cup.  The single concession of Fifa is to publish "in an appropriate form" the report by Michael Garcia, originally from all suspicion.  In this report, Michael Garcia pointed to ‘problems, serious and large-scale, in the nomination and selection process’ of these world cups. Favourable to its full publication, it was a fin de non-receive. A synthesis has just drafted in November by the president of the other Chamber of the ethics commission, that judgment, Hans-Joachim Eckert. And not surprisingly, Fifa concluded that it did not matter to call into question the allocation of the 2018 and 2022 world cups. The conclusions that the American had immediately disputed, speaking of "omission of parts". Garcia had then appealed on 24 November, rejected Tuesday by the Fifa Appeals Committee. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Similar facts can be read reading http://.

Canada: inflation dropped slightly in November, to 2.0% over one year.

The consumer price increased by 2.0% in November over one year in the Canada, marking the step due to the fall in the price of oil, announced Friday the national Institute Statistics Canada. In October, inflation on a year had indeed reached 2.4% and analysts expect that it marks the step, but not as much, relying on + 2.2 percent in November, still YOY. Over one month, prices have been stable in November. The slowdown of inflation on a year was due primarily to gasoline prices, which fell by 5.9% over the 12-month period ending in November, after rising by 0.6% in October, noted Statistics Canada. Excluding transportation, down 0.2%, inflation for all major household items remained closed in November. The increase was even stronger in alcohol and tobacco (+ 5.9%), followed by food (+ 3.1%), current expenditure on equipment of households (+ 3.0%), clothing (+ 2.8%) and housing (+ 2.3%). The rise of prices in the latter category declined from the previous month (+ 2.8% in October) because natural gas has risen by 14.7% against 20.1%. Geographically, the increase in the consumer price was the highest in Ontario (+ 2.4%), while it was only + 0.1% in the Atlantic province of Prince Edward Island. The Bank of the Canada has maintained its key rate at 1% early December, as is the case for more than four years, worrying about the consequences that might have to end the fall of oil prices, including the Canada is a major exporter. . For more insights about this matter visit http://.

PONTAULT-Combault: alcohols thieves arrested in Torcy.

Two men are suspected of having committed a theft of cargo, in the night of Thursday to Friday, in the ZAC de Pontillault in Pontault-Combault. They took to target a vehicle parked in the street in which they stole a half pallet. They loaded him into a dark-colored van, reported stolen, before leaving. At 3:30, these two men dressed in black and hooded were surprised by the police in Torcy, while they unloaded the contents of their larceny in an another clear pickup, also fly. They fled in current, but were arrested by investigators, and placed in custody. Thieves had stolen dozens of cartons of six bottles of Saumur from 2007 and cartons of beer Heinekein. Well known to the police services, the first is 22 years old and is from Lognes, the second, 21 years old, resides in Torcy. The amount of the loss is estimated at €5000. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You must check this http:// to read extra on this interesting topic.

Quirinale: with the agreement blocks – Verdini’s name is chosen by the suffix.

The real news is that it has reached an initial agreement on method: candidates to succeed, many as Christmas reindeer will be yours, in the practices of the Nazarene, for suffixes. So that everyone can find and negotiate a shared suffix for the turnover. Then the suffix you will continue with the rest. Long road but more secure. Lots, general manager of renziani, saw yesterday Verdini, Attorney home Berlusconi. It was the latter to ask the ruling of the suffix. "Before the name suffix" said just like that. Adding: "I propose to start with last names that end in" ini ". Lots is not dropped into the trap and he ‘. Replied. "Well, we launch Mogher-ini-ini and Boldr. Same and both women "suffix. The contractor Berlusconi on the verge has heard continuing discussion: "one thing must be certain: equality between men and women for us is an essential ingredient". Uphill, meeting tomorrow the second round. . Root data could be found reading the following page.

Gonzalez believes that the attack on the headquarters of the PP is an isolated fact that will have more significance and more travel.

MADRID, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) the President of the community of Madrid, Ignacio González, said Friday that the attack which occurred this morning against the PP headquarters in calle Génova, where a man has built his car, is an isolated fact that will have more significance and more travel. It is fortunately a fact isolated from a person who reportedly said, had had some kind of personal difficulties. We do not know if any circumstance more because it is being investigated, said Gonzalez asked for what happened this morning in the Genoa Street, where a car has built against the headquarters of the popular. I think that it is an isolated fact that has resulted in some damage to the entrance of the headquarters of the PP and I don’t think having more importance or more travel that the fact itself, said Gonzalez, who noted that it will take to research making the national police. (El) Themes art and culture shows applied sciences community of Madrid relief party Popular party organizations. You must visit the following blog to discover extra on this amazing matter.

Fuels: «large» price drop before the holidays.

Good news for motorists who take the road this weekend for the Christmas holidays. This Friday, the Carbeo fuel price comparator announces a "drastic fall" of prices at the pump. This decline would be even a ‘historical’ record since, explains the indicator, "we did not found, since the creation of the site in November 2005, a decline so significant and fast prices at the pump". On the same subject fuels: prices at the pump at its lowest for four years why the oil prices tumble (and change it) the Government confirms an increase in the tax on diesel since November 19, the price of a barrel is spent $ 76,09 barrel $ 54.11 per barrel this Friday morning, a decrease of 28% in one month! Different species have declined 10 cts in ten days, representing a gain of EUR 6 by gasoline. Gasoline sans-plomb 98 is passed under the symbolic barrier of 1.40 per litre these days. "We must go back to October 2010 for a price of the SP98 at the level of today ‘ today ‘, says Carbeo. Attention 1 janvierPour diesel fuel taxes, the motorist made in ten days a saving of slightly more than 6 euros on a full-60 litres. There also is a small record since "the price achieved today by diesel (1.134 euro) level had not seen since late August 2010. Another good news, prices are expected to continue their decline until Christmas. A beautiful gift that should, however, be offset by new taxes which will appear January 1, 2015. In early October, the Government confirmed that it would conduct an increase of 2 centimes per litre of diesel tax to fill the ‘hole’ linked to the partial abandonment of the eco-tax and finance infrastructure projects. In total, representing an increase of 4 cents more per litre year next for diesel vehicles. For several months, the tumble of oil breaks prices. President François Hollande himself estimated Thursday night that this ‘very low oil price’ was the second positive situation"for the country after hopes of growth slightly higher in 2015. For the producer Russia of crude on the other hand, the drop in the price of oil partly explains the current crisis in its currency.   Markets scrutinize carefully the situation in the country of Vladimir Poutine, as the sanctions by the West against the attitude assumed in Ukraine do not help. Average price of fuels this Friday in FranceGazole: €1134 /litreSP: €1,319 95 /litreSP 95 – E10: €1,307 /litreSP 98: €1,377 /litreGPL: €0.843 / litreE85: €0.855 / litre > stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Root facts may be read visiting this resource.

Afghanistan: in the land of Mullah Omar, the villagers hesitate between Taliban and Government.

The modest mosque of afghan South where Mullah Omar founded the Taliban, the villagers hesitate between support the rebellion or the Government at the time where American soldiers fold luggage. And the advantage seems to go on the side of the insurgents. . . The village in mud bricks dried of Sangesar, planted at the exit of the city of Kandahar, main city in the South, has witnessed as others of the deadly conflict between the Taliban and NATO since Western intervention of the end of 2001. Mullah Omar, the Afghan Taliban leader, was only a young fighter without any grade when he was residing in Sangesar to fight the Soviets in the 1980s. He is then settled with his family at the beginning of the next decade. He studied and preached in this mosque in the decatis walls, before itself in the chaos of the civil war where a part of the population has welcomed with open arms the Taliban in the hope that they stabilize a country so plagued by clashes between warlords and their abuses. Bismillah, 30 years and promoted the year last imam of the mosque of Sangesar, still remembers with emotion of the career of a man whose head is priced for $ 10 million by the United States. Mullah Omar was a fighter. He joined some of the warlords to take control of the city of Kandahar. It was 20 years ago, in 1994. -A taliban in each village – the taking of Kandahar in 1994 paved the way to that, two years later, the capital Kabul and the imposition of a strict version of Islamic law in the country. But with the end these days of the combat of the NATO mission, which will count more in January than 12. 500 quartered troops to a support role, to near 140. 000 at its peak by 2010, some anticipate a return to power of the Taliban by force. We are pleased to see the Americans go, ensures Bismillah, in the mosque surrounded by a cemetery. But they left the local police in charge, and it gives us headaches. The police ask for food and of the integral, they take sides in tribal conflicts and fighting even among themselves from time to time, explains the young imam. Between Government and Taliban, he is careful to choose. We will see who is the strongest. No matter which stands, our demands are clear: books and pencils for our school and a speaker for the mosque, does, pragmatic. Sangesar, is one of the most important places in the life of Mullah Omar, says Bette Dam, journalist co-author of a recent documentary on the life of the emir taliban. He lives maybe more, but his movement is still there, dispersed. Each village account at least a person motivated by jihad, money, drugs, the opposition in the United States or the Government, and thus can become taliban, added. -The people here support the Taliban – for the time being, the Afghan forces still control this area of Kandahar province’s Zhari district. But there is no guarantee that this will continue much longer. When the United States will cease to provide money and weapons to the Afghan forces, the Taliban will resume control of the area for good, said Samad Khan, a 33-year-old farmer. Small trader in the nearby village of Pashmul, Abdullah said he lost his illusions about the police and the Afghan army, that he considers corrupt and non-professional. Suddenly, people here support the Taliban and I have no problem with that. The Taliban have long reigned here and they can go back, he says. U.S. forces have left the Zhari district in August, during a summer of violent clashes between Taliban, tribes and Afghan forces. In the vicinity of Sangesar, the remains of the victims decomposed in the plain, families too scared to come to retrieve them, according to witnesses. And the news from the neighbouring district of Maiwand, violent clashes, do not bode well for the Government forces. On one side, the Government is not strong enough to contain the situation, but on the other, many people have bad memories of the Taliban, summarizes Malik Din Mohammad, a leader of tribe of Maiwand. The authorities must therefore bring enough to the local population to convince her that the future, this is not the Taliban. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You must check this http:// to discover more on this great subject.

Popular and Santander-grabbing half of the financing of the ICO.

Big banks would have lent more than 20. billion euros in loans ICO during 2014, especially through the lines companies and entrepreneurs, and support for the internacionalizacin of SMEs. Banco Popular, with 4. EUR 500 million, is the entity that ms financing has given through this channel, followed by Santander, 4. 130 million. Between the two they dominate more than 40% of the market share in Spain. The ICO lines are going financing in which the Institute of official credit granted the funds with the intermediacin of credit entities. The body public, under the Ministry’s Treasurer, fixed the annual dotacin, the characteristics of the products and the financial conditions. Entities, on the other hand, assume the risk of non-payment, are studying the viability of demand and decide on the hosted. To September 30, 2014, last data available, the ICO recorded a credit investment of 65. 000 million euros and a total asset of 91. billion euros. The financing through this official channel has been completed during the past months with the program of the BCEdestinado SMEs and consumption (TLTRO), which has helped to reduce the costs of the credit to these two segments by around 30%. In two auctions held so far (September and December), the banks would have requested the maximum possible, close to 40. billion. An tmida the credit recovery is not enough to compensate the maturities of old loans that are taking place. According to the Bank of Spain data published yesterday the total credit from institutions of credit and financial institutions are situ at 1,380 billion euros in October, 6. billion less than a month earlier. Since 2008 the volume of credit of banks has been reduced by close to half billn euros. In any case, the data of the national supervisor shed positive conclusions in what refers to the balance of doubtful appropriate, science of the delinquency and provisions that make the entities to cover the failed appropriate. Lower allocations to provisions constituirn a fundamental aspect of the income statement of the Bank in the next aosEl dubious balance has been reduced by 18. 890 million euros so far this year and in October one its tenth consecutive month downward. While the total volume of appropriate has been declining, the delinquency rate has dropped to 12.92% and defaults in mortgage debt are contained in 6%. The improvement of these indicators is allowing banks to reduce the provisions against doubtful appropriate to the 101. 248 million euros. They are 9. billion less than at the end of last year and almost 20. 000 less in 2012, the exercise in which banks had to make ms endowments by Treasurer Minister Luis de Guindos-driven regulatory changes. While delinquencies may be reduced because borrowers repagan their loan, the entities are extending deadlines for appraisal to the market prices of their assets (especially appropriate portfolio) to spread over time the impact that this has on the income statement, says Javier Cano Santacruz, Economist Anoa Capital and the Institute of Burstiles studies. Lower allocations to provisions constituirn a fundamental aspect of the income statement of the Bank in the next years. Types of interest in histricos, the mrgenes minimum – generation of benefits – tendern closer, so conseguirn institutions improve their accounts insofar as they reduce the portion of expenses, mainly & (staffing and structure) and provisions. . You should click the following link to learn extra about this interesting subject.

Rajoy said that it will ask Juncker underfunding for interconnections with France and Portugal.

He held a Summit with Hollande, Passos Coelho and Juncker in Spain in February Brussels, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, said today that Spain, France and Portugal will present at March joint projects of energy interconnections for financing of the investment plan of the Chairman of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, which aims to mobilize 315. billion euros. These projects shall be prepared by network operators and ratified at a tripartite summit which will be held in Spain in February. Rajoy already met prior to the European Council with the French President, François Hollande, the Portuguese Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, and own Juncker to boost interconnections. It is that you begin to work, they are already doing it, operators. That move in what are projects that may occur to the Juncker plan. And it is then that in March, when there is a European Council which will discuss the subject of energy, I can present these projects which we bring three EU countries, explained the President of the Government. It is the classic project that could enter the Juncker plan because it is a European project, affecting the whole of Europe, has underlined. Rajoy has pointed out that interconnections, both electric and gas, are a pending case since time immemorial and can only have benefits for all, or at least for the vast majority, reduction of prices. Savings could reach 120. billion euros a year, according to Government sources. The Prime Minister explained that Spain still has not decided if it will provide capital to Juncker investment plan to increase his power because he first wants to know the details of how that will work and how the decisions will be taken and be chosen projects to finance. We have not decided it and none has not decided it. Not even entered into the debate about how much will bring each to the Fund. Logically, we are all going to wait and see how events, are being produced has pointed out. (El) Community of Madrid Spain Europe France François Hollande Jean-Claude Juncker Mariano Rajoy Ministers (Government) Pedro Passos Coelho Petróleo and gas side Portugal State budget issues European Union. For more facts on this matter check http://.